Our story

Love rules Mitzy Geluk

Peter on Mitzy

“Mitzy has that natural feel for moments and interaction. Gets me jealous sometimes ;-). Fortunately we’re working together and she can teach me!

Mitzy is an incredibly caring person. Sweet and sociable. But also one hell of an entrepeneur! Together we have two children (boy and girl) and she’s an amazing mother to them.

She’s intelligent, empathetic, a real go-getter and I’ve never met anyone that can work as hard as she can.

Any downsides? Yup: she has an insane amount of bags and scarfs, which tend to roam around the house. Also she loves to yank my chain and doesn’t know when to stop, which can be really annoying!”


Mitzy on Peter

“A born photographer, with a lot of love for the trade. I have to tell him to stop photographing from time to time.

Last couple of years he has grown incredibly and knowing him that isn’t about to stop either. The bar is always high with Pete!

He is straight up, direct, a perfectionist, sociable, intelligent and an all-rounder. He’s also a very loving daddy to our two kids, although he tends to spoil them a little bit too much…

There are some downsides too of course: cleaning house isn’t his strong suit. But he loves to clear mess which helps.
Oh and he’s always missing his shoes or keys.”